I grew up in rural Australia and still love it. I was a school teacher during my twenties, in Australia and the UK. Between 2004 and 2007, I walked over 12000km through eight countries, including two years in the Sahara with my own camels.

I wrote two books about the walk, Slow Journey South and Sahara, and spent some years public speaking and coaching in the areas of success, motivation, goal setting and achievement.

I gave up speaking for a couple of years and moved to Spain, to rediscover my own self, and revisit what success really meant to me.  As a result, on my return I founded my own company, Sowilo Soul Centre.  I now travel, write, speak, and work with others by  running workshops which help groups, companies and individuals uncover their own needs, and understand what success actually means to them.  I focus on the need for authenticity and accountability – both for myself, and with those I work with.  For companies this process can mean redefining a brand or how it is sold.  For individuals, the process can be a deep reaching personal investigation to uncover emotional barriers to true self expression.  For both, personal awareness is vital if there is to be any real and meaningful achievement publicly.

If you want to read about the walk through Europe and the Sahara, you can do so here, or buy the books here, or on Amazon.

You can book a private session with me by filling in the contact form on this site, by emailing, or by contacting my facebook page Sowilo Soul Centre.  Your first session is a discovery meeting and free of charge.  Further sessions start as low as $100 per hour depending on your requirements.

If you would like to attend a public workshop, upcoming dates are published on the Sowilo Soul Centre site.