Slow Journey South

May 3, 2008

On horses, home, Sarah and the book

Life has just been so cool of late. Firstly, my darling mate Sarah, she of the first reconnaissance mission to Morocco in Slow Journey South, has […]
March 26, 2008

The Book!! Slow Journey South is out

Hello all – Well, it is finally here!  “Slow Journey South”, my first book, goes on sale in Australia on the 1st of April – widely […]
November 7, 2005

Eid, henna, and hammada

So many adventures!  Horribly unfortunately I cannot put up the photographs of all that I am about to write, as we found the internet unexpectedly in […]
October 23, 2005

In Ta Ta

After three weeks on the trot – or, plod, rather – we are in the thriving metropolis of Ta Ta.  Not actually IN, of course; with […]